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Legacy Jiu-Jitsu West Adams welcomes you to be anything you want to be. We’re proud to be a self-defense-oriented community where everyone is competition-ready. Our training environment has everything a growing martial artist wants: self-defense, fun, and top-quality BJJ in Los Angeles, California. Whether you’re a beginner martial artist or a decorated champion, you’ll make friends unlike any other at Legacy Jiu-Jitsu West Adams.

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Legacy Jiu-Jitsu West Adams

About Us:

Legacy Jiu-Jitsu West Adams enhances the lives of the community through martial arts. Our lessons are centered on student goals, whether that is learning self-defense, building confidence, or meeting new people in the community.

We’re cultivating a culture of positivity and encouragement. You will never feel behind or lost, but supported and celebrated. Experience the Legacy Jiu-Jitsu West Adams community in action by joining us on our open mat hours, where anyone can train regardless of age or school.

Our History:

Owner Mark Bradford has explored many martial arts disciplines, starting with karate, aikido, hapkido, judo, and more. In 2000, he began to take grappling seriously due to its benefits and the fun he had training with his teammates. It’s a martial art that’s competitive, challenging, and enjoyable nonetheless. Mark built lifelong friendships on the mat, especially with Lulu, our accomplished female BJJ competitor and instructor.

Mark opened his first academy in 2006 with a dream to teach martial arts across the nation. After returning home to Los Angeles, he opened Legacy Jiu-Jitsu West Adams in October 2019. Mark continues to pass down his love for BJJ and share the benefits of training with the community he was raised in. Today, he is continuously inspired by his students and strives to grow his competitive team further.


Here Heroes Train Free!

Here at Legacy Jiu-Jitsu West Adams we are dedicated to supporting and empowering our military personnel, veterans, first responders, EMS, and law enforcement heroes.

Why It's Important

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The friendships you make through training are unlike any other. You build lifelong friendships on the mat.

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We enhance lives through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, both physically and mentally.

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Legacy Jiu-Jitsu West Adams is born of Mark Bradford’s passion for BJJ and his desire to share his love of the sport.

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Our lessons are rooted in learning to protect yourself and being competition-ready. You’ll receive top-quality training at Legacy Jiu-Jitsu West Adams.

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BJJ builds strength, agility, and stamina to condition your body. It will help your body stay in shape for daily activities throughout your life.

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Stay up to date on class times! Contact us if you have any questions about our classes.

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Legacy Jiu-Jitsu West Adams is proud to build upon the future of the sport with our top-quality Kids Jiu-Jitsu classes. Not only do our students become stronger, but they also establish a work ethic, perseverance, and respect on the mat.

Legacy Jiu-Jitsu West Adams

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